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  • 07 Jul 2010 00:25:26

Welcome to my personal website. Please use the toolbar to navigate to the basic categories, or check the about page for general details. This webpage is not really updated anymore, but I keep it online.

What the %!@$ is goatface?

goatface is a metasyntactic variable I use. It's important to realize this is a variable and not a constant.

What other people think goatface might be

goatface is often confused with the face of a goat. Canadians think goatface is a non-profit group. In some vernaculars, goatface implies something about facial structure. These are all wrong because they imply a constant meaning for the term. goatface is appropriately a lot of different people on the intarweb, but is only mine when I make a temporary account somewhere, like an Apple thread I complained about buggy software, which of course they closed rather than resolving.

Origins of goatface

John Furrow and I worked in a summer camp kitchen together one year. John took any insult and inverted it and tacked face or your face onto the end of whatever I rudely suggested to him. Thus was born goatfacification. Compared to the other faces, this one is the only one suitable for children, which lead to its proliferation in my vocabulary.

But goatface is your website URL

That's fairly true. If you came to this site through my university host URL, I own and it redirects here. You can link either through the CNS domain or the goatface domain.

Yes, it's a log book. Therefore, clicking on the earmark or shadow turns the page. Neat, huh?

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