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  • 10 Nov 2011 22:33:29

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Title:Chief of Plutonium


OS:Gentoo Linux


                        WHY IS THIS HERE?

This site is a homebrew based on my favorite notebook, the National Brand Computation Notebook by Rediform; of course, reading this website you will not pay $0.10 a page, but nor will you feel very high quality and durable paper at your fingertips. Individual pages are compiled from templates and content text files and then assembled with a bash shell script. I have hosted the source code for this website in case you want to rock my style.

I am presently a PhD student at the Center for Nuclear Study at the University of Tokyo. I study experimental nuclear astrophysics.

I made this website for myself and anyone who finds the things that I spend my time doing interesting or useful.

The categories, besides the spellings and inkspot, are fairly clear, so you can see my various interests there.

Other places you can find me on the web

This section has come and gone. Sometimes I don't want to give the world a stalker's guide to my online life. But other times I'm just re-directing people to various projects I am involved with. At this edit, I'm feeling more like the only people that come to my website know me personally, so they could do much worse than stalk me — like kill me in my sleep.

I have written some book reviews on Amazon

You can follow me on twitter @235u.

I am goatface at github.

I have a profile on LinkedIn, but this website is terrible for academia, so it's rather futile. Sorry, I didn't insist to list myself as first author on my papers...there's no other way!

When I have free time, I edit articles on Wikipedia as DAID, mainly about nuclear astrophysics.

If you search Google for my real name with physics, you can see a funny suggestion.

        (__)               __(^^)              /   /    (__)      / PhD  \  (oO)     /|  /---^^---/     / | /| daid  ||    *  || ||------||
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