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37 GFproto
  • 01 Mar 2012 12:04:49

The design of this website and the assembly scripts are a homebrew project of mine. It could be called an HTML preprocessor I guess.

Latest release: version 0.5. Download the latest release.

Source code

As a whole, the scripts, html layouts, javascript, images, and css are known as GFproto, or the goatface prototype.

For anyone who is interested either in the style itself or simple scripting approaches to website creation, I have hosted all the source code here. The present release is version 0.5, so please do not get your hopes too high at the outset; the code and site are quite new and I have limited time to work on any of it. Anyone who enjoys this work should at least appreciate my realistc version numbering scheme, and in the future, I hope to make a number of improvements to the code. However, I decided to host it because, even as is, the code is functional to build everything you see on this domain. I will move it to sourceforge if I see any download activity.

Why I wrote this code

Basically I wrote the HTML for this website entirely myself. I prefer working at the command line, but I wanted a way to easily make global updates to my page, and not need to worry about global page characteristics on a page-by-page basis.

I was looking at other HTML preprocessors, and really I just wanted something very simple. I also had the idea to make it a logbook with interlinked pages, and it seemed writing the code was going to be faster than modifying someone else's code

This was my first attempt to make a decent-sized bash script. I know it's not the best language of choice, but it was a good learning exercise for me. The code is still very ugly, and many parts are perhaps redundant, not well commented, and written in a strange way, but the point is it works for me.

If you download and make any use of my code, please let me know. The rate of improvement to the code at present is driven entirely by my own needs and interests, but certain aspects of the planned feature improvements would speed up if there is any interest.


I retain the GFproto copyright under the GPL v.3.

Future Improvement Ideas

I am presently using Ruby's RedCloth to implement Textile support so I don't have to type so much raw HTML in my source files.

Along those lines, I plan to port the entire makepage script to Ruby as well.

Randomize coffee stains (I made a ton of them, but I've been too lazy to implement a random generator in bash script...Ruby will help me with that I think).

Release history

03 Feb 2011 14:11:34 — version 0.5: W3C compliance
06 Aug 2010 01:11:53 — version 0.4: static page bug is (mostly) dead!!
24 Jun 2010 08:47:35 — version 0.3
20 Jun 2010 13:52:17 — version 0.2

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