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59 Japanese fonts in xpdf
  • 02 May 2012 18:06:26

It is highly unlikely anyone else will find this useful, but I love xpdf, but one thing I don't like is the out-of-the-box difficulty with Japanese fonts (something that's useful when you live in Japan!).

You can check out a discussion we had on the Gentoo user's mailing list about pdf viewers here if you are interested in your options (there are many).

Anyway, I was googling for awhile to resolve this issue (and ignoring it for years before that).

If you are using Windows, this page might help you (but not me).

The xpdfrc man pages discuss the issue, but the solution doesn't actually work.

Ultimately, this mail list archive was the right way for Gentoo.

Find your xpdfrc (I use the global one in /etc but you can use a local one as well) and toss in these lines:

cidToUnicode Adobe-Japan1 /usr/share/poppler/cidToUnicode/Adobe-Japan1
toUnicodeDir /usr/share/poppler/cMap/Adobe-Japan1/
toUnicodeDir /usr/share/poppler/cMap/Adobe-Japan2/
cMapDir Adobe-Japan1 /usr/share/poppler/cMap/Adobe-Japan1/
cMapDir Adobe-Japan2 /usr/share/poppler/cMap/Adobe-Japan2/

And your fonts will finally render correctly in xpdf (well, depending on what fonts people used, but everyone is silly and uses the non-free acroread).

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