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  • 02 May 2012 17:14:16

Nuclear and/or Astro Physics

Centre for Photonuclear Experments Data of Moscow State University has some amazing databases, like experimental nuclear radii.

Awesome online Relativistic Kinematics Calculator for Two-Body Nuclear Reactions.

National Nuclear Data Center Q-value Calculator (QCalc).

View open reaction channels with Qtool (but it's pretty old).

Tommy Rauscher's statistical reaction rates (the content is great, but the HTML might make your eyes bleed...sometimes command line web browsers do have a real purpose in life...)

Some cool visualization tools and recent data compilations for nuclear masses.

Computational tools for big bang nucleosynthesis.

You can make your own black holes with GR1D.

You can evolve your own stars with MESA, or more easily use the simpler EZ-Web program to check some basic results of stellar evolution.

ROOT Libraries, etc

These links are extensions or programs using CERN's popular ROOT data analysis library. Of course, I am not without some complaints about the ROOT system (see my page on ROOT Cint, noting some links are repeated between these two pages for completeness), but I criticize pretty much everything. It goes without saying that ROOT is very powerful, and widely used for some reasons! In that sense, ROOT is not my totally ideal system, but at present nothing is better! It is very extendible, and my goal here is to give an overview of useful projects. The overview is in no sense complete, but includes any potentially useful projects of which I am aware. You might save yourself time re-inventing the wheel with a few mouse clicks and browsing the source codes of some of these projects, who may have similar needs, interests, and/or goals as yourself!

A particularly elegant implementation, with piece-wise analysis and Qt application framework is Go4 developed at GSI. One aspect of this is QtROOT, but also one interested in that particular model should know that BNL is also working on a Qt-base ROOT implementation.

I am particularly fond of the relativistic nuclear kinematics classes in KaliVeda developed for INDRA at GANIL. Surely that library does a lot more than kinematics, but especially I used it for that purpose myself, and have been actively involved with submitting bug reports related to those classes, to help make it the best nuclear physics library available.

Although I have not used it yet, PelROOT and especially the PelTools component seem like a very nice model for online analysis using ROOT. As I will soon be designing just such a system, I expect to use a lot of these libraries!

The groups at TRIUMF also have some nice ROOT software for DAQ, online analysis, and piloting.

The MarlinTPC software I am going to start digging through very soon, and looks to be extremely promising for active target analysis!

Whether you dislike CINT (who doesn't?!) or are particularly fond of Python (who is?!), you could try anyway PyROOT and try to wind that up with SciPy, especially for cases you are disliking some aspects of the ROOT library which perhaps SciPy is doing in a way more to your liking. Another reason to take this approach might be to use a language designed as a scripting language to use interactively, instead of a language which was never designed for interactive use, and was poorly hacked together in order to force it to be interactive (and force it to not be the same language, either).

Gentoo Linux

zugaina's portage overlays search similar to (and based on) Mike Valstar's

Here is a rather useful discussion on the fomit-frame-pointer CFLAG that I must have found and read two or three different times.

Other Computing

Dr. Chip's Vim page has a lot of useful scripts.

GSys is a wonderful Java program by the Hokkaido nuclear data group from extracting data from image files. Use it to avoid copyright issues with figures or reverse engineer someone's R-Matrix fit!

Cartoons and such

If you watch all these short videos, then you will understand something about me.

AngryBot: "Listen up everybody! You're all fired from school! Now go home. Your homework is to eat bleach and die!"

Dirdy Birdy from Cartoon Sushi.

All Your Base Are Belong To Us is something everyone should already know.

Blode (original) is still pretty classic for flash animation.

Inside Jokes

Most of this website doesn't make any sense to most people. But the following items will make sense to nearly zero people.

No lunch is complete without lunch cut herring!

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