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Future Studio 42
  • 09 Aug 2010 21:33:16

I'm always misplacing links to things that need to be in my home DJ Booth and/or studio in about two years.

Firstly, I clearly need a clean power supply. I was thinking something like one by Accuphase.

After that, I need a way to cut my own records, either the vinylium dubcutter or a likely better and cheaper one.

Then, when I'm rich, I need ton of things from Yamamoto Audio, specifically vacuum amplifiers and those ebony headshells.

At some point I'll need to drop some cash for a Pioneer RT-909, since my rackmount can't exactly be empty.

I need a giant stack of Technics MK4s, because they have direct RCA connections (instead of a bloody cable) and a 78 button. Oh the turntablism of a 78 button! Of course, it will need to be hacked to add reverse playback and get rid of the pitch-lock. Alas, you can't get everything.

I'm still pretty geeked on my Rane TTM-56, and it seems pretty impossible to find a better two channel mixer, unless you dig digital crap like the 57 version.

I probably need a Pioneer EFX-1k at some point.

Achieving the above, I will have nothing left for myself but to build a wall of woofers. I'm not even kidding. Something that will make an earthquake resistant Japanese house shake.

I'll need a totally retro phosphor oscilloscope (Tektronix comes to mine) connected to some line out, just because I'm curious about analog waveform.

Can always get bored with my money and see what Sound Dead Steel has to offer me for platters.

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