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11 GICOSY basics
  • 26 Nov 2010 06:37:28

GICOSY is a program for creating ion optical matricies, which is very useful with MOCADI. (I also have a page on MOCADI.)

The main page is, which includes manuals.

downloading & installation

Although there is no direct link for downloading, a number of versions of GICOSY are still hosted by GSI and may be freely downloaded.

For my Linux system, I am using the g77 version of GICOSY.

Installation is simple, and the readme.txt included overviews the basics.

You can see my gicosybatch file if you like to see how I run it.

Use with cribbon

If you are using GICOSY with my beam optics model cribbon, then please copy the contents of the gicosy-linux/ directory into the cribbon/gicosy/ directory to use my shell script cribbon2. This will overwrite my existing gicosybatch file.

Genearl use for CRIB

Download a sample GICOSY input file for CRIB: gico_crib.dat

(cribbon generates these automatically on a case-by-case basis)

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