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I've DJed as a hobby since 2004/5; the exact timeframe I started is over the course of one year since I got my first turntable in September 2004, my first mixer in December 2004, and my second turntable in May 2005.

I DJ strictly vinyl for good reasons. I independently arrived at the term musix and this sound not be confused with the Linux distribution of the same name, despite that my music is analog. I made the term because I wanted short things to go in the website toolbar, and this fit my theme. But musix is also a user on all my Linux machines where I keep the digital music I listen to at work and on the road.


I've hosted two demos here. Live recorded with two turntables and a mixer by my laptop. No post-production.

Thug Pedestal, recorded in the spring of 2007 (1:07:34 running time).

Upscale Austrian Brothel, recorded in the spring of 2009 (28:23 running time).

Playlists may ever be posted, but I'm pretty lazy. The versions hosted here are mp3 with 192 kilobit encoding due to its widespread use and small filesize. Personally I prefer flac and ogg encodings.

Email me for higher quality versions if you want them before I host them here; I'm pretty lazy so I might never host them unless you email me.

Musical Tastes

My basic interest in DJing arose from house parties in Detroit and liking British trip hop music like Portishead, Massive Attack, and Tricky; for anyone who doesn't know, these two interests are, aside from my DJing, nearly entirely unrelated. I've broadened my scope a lot from Massive Attack remixes and Underworld tracks from 2004, but for the most part I consider my style primarily downtempo. But it can be trip hop, downtempo, hip hop, deep house, jazz, bossa nova, leftfield, ambient, dub, jungle, dubstep, pop, classical, classic rock, heavy metal, or anything in between, usually mixed together in an unexpected order. For example, some of my favorite mixes are a soundscape track by Anthony Rother with an hip hop track by Brother Ali, a Pink Floyd song with a Quasimoto instrumental, or Count Basie with DJ Shadow. Good DJs will usually shake their heads at my choice to mix 2 Live Crew's Me So Horny with Prince's When Doves Cry, but that's their problem. Don't like Underworld mixed with Soft Cell because you are too shy to admit you like 80s music? I'm not so shy.

Assorted future ideas

I put up a page with basic equipment ideas for my Future Studio.

There is also a page on the music I am missing, mostly including links to live streams. This is a useful link if you need some decent music somewhere without your usual files. It's a totally biased perspective on the music I like, since obviously this (more club-styled) music that I'm missing does not exist in my collection because it's not critical, but still very good.

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