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Yale Cookies 62
  • 28 May 2015 06:37:25

I've taken so many safety training courses that sometimes I suspect my eyes will fall out if I take another. These training courses are not just for radiation, but for overhead cranes, compressed gasses, liquified gasses, cryogenic material, vacuum systems, machine shops, and who know what else. Some of these courses I've taken twice. Some I've taken tens of times—radiation safety.

I feel now that the Wright Nuclear Structure Laboratory of Yale is closed, I should preserve for all time a component of their test. It is not only the most amusing aspect of any radiation safety course I've ever taken, but the most relevant one, too.

Here's the test

It's cookie day at WNSL! There are four kinds of cookies. One cookie has one option of what to do with it.

The cookies

1. An alpha cookie.

2. A beta (minus) cookie.

3. A gamma cookie.

4. A neutron cookie.

The choices

1. Put one in your pocket.

2. Throw one away.

3. Hold one in your hand.

4. Eat one.

Your reasoning

Why do you make your choices?

The answers

Maybe later. But, this was an actual part of a radition test at Yale University, no joke.

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